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Polly's Perfect Peaches: Understanding Teleios

Polly's alarm went off. She immediately reached for her phone.  She opened her Instagram app to see how many likes she had gotten while she slept. 

Her Fourth of July party had been epic. The neighbors kept complimenting her on the beautiful table and delicious patriotic-themed foods.   She never could have done it without her popular Pinterest board.

Polly frowned, only 136 likes.  Maybe she hadn't included enough hashtags.  She hit the explore button to see what hashtags other popular 4th of July posts were using.  She found a couple she hadn't thought of and quickly added them to her post.  She put her phone back on her nightstand and got dressed.  Just like a watched pot never boils, a watched Instagram post never gets liked.

Polly looked out her window and saw her next-door neighbor Meredith filling a basket with peaches.

 Polly frowned and let out a long sigh.  Meredith was known for making the best jams and syrups from her fruit trees. 

Polly couldn't help but…
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"How can a man be born when he is old?": Nicodemus' Story

Nicodemus peers out his front door to see if the sun is below the hills of Jerusalem.  The sky is still an orange glow.  He rubs his forehead.  He must wait a little while longer.  He smiles as he watches his wife stack the dishes.  She had worked hard preparing the lamb and bitter herbs for their seder. It had been a lovely Passover.  She can now rest; the feast is over.

The room finally begins to darken.  He reaches for his shawl.  He carefully wraps it around his head.  He must not be seen.

"Are you leaving this time of night?" his wife asks.

"I am afraid I must.  I am meeting with someone," he answers.

"I do not think you should be safe alone in the dark."

He shrugs.  "The moon is still quite full, the light will be sufficient."  But hopefully not too sufficient. 
He gives his wife a quick kiss on her forehead.  "I will be home before you notice my absence."

She laughs, "I will know the instant you are gone."

He walks dow…

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